• Improve binding affinity
  • Modulate cross-reactivity
  • remove immunogenic epitopes
  • optimize humanization
  • Optimize stability
  • Extend half-life
  • identify disease target hot-spots to guide small molecule desigN
  • file broader ip coverage

Protein Engineering

MapEng™ TEchnology

The MapEng™ platform produces a complete functional description (map) of a protein binding region, including identification of all up-, down- and neutral-binding variants.  This comprehensive and insightful information, not readily attainable using other platforms, enables one to engineer product candidates with precision across multiple parameters.

Platform strategy


The strategy begins with building a small library of single substitution mutants on a selected binding site. These mutants are then expressed on the surface of M13 phage as monovalent Fabs. Once separated into bound and free fractions, the frequency of every member of the library can be quantified using a deep sequencing system.

The MapEng™ platform rapidly enables a spectrum of applications for engineering better therapeutics and diagnostics, including: